The film will be produced by Will Poole.  David Bartlett has written the screenplay and will direct.  Kewhaven Pictures is delighted to be working with two other production companies in making this film: co-producer Patchwork Productions (London) and associate producer EMC Productions (New York).

In 2008, Patchwork’s Christine Hartland produced her first feature film, WMD (directed by David Holroyd) which was nominated Best Debut UK Feature at the East End Film Festival 2009.  WMD was theatrically released on 15th October 2009 in the UK and described as ‘gripping’ by The Guardian.

Rebecca Ralph-Farella of EMC Productions (New York) has worked in the film industry for over 10 years in almost every position on the crew.  Rebecca produced her first feature film Beyond Recognition in 2003 which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival.  Since then she has produced Under the Bed and Hawk, and is currently producing two documentaries in the United States.

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