Leonard and Harry, two old friends, mourn the loss of Kristen - a pretty, young dancer, who clearly meant a lot to Leonard, an exceptionally gifted local church organist. Harry, the organ tuner, cannot get through to the impassive Len, who refuses to express or acknowledge his grief. Music must be the answer: Harry convinces his friend to teach him to play the organ properly. But this fails to cure Len’s leaden disposition, so Harry pushes his friend. Leonard cracks, revealing that his optimism in life died sixty years ago during the Battle of Britain: an RAF Spitfire pilot, he fell in love with Ellen, (who resembles Kristen perfectly in the multicoloured, romantic flashback of his mind, where all is perfection and music). But her courage outweighed his, and he could not cope with either the stress of the fighting or with living up to the relationship. So he left his love behind. He now sees the loss of beautiful dancer Kristen – a physical embodiment of music - as his penance, an equation of damnation that he cannot escape. Determined to rid his pal of this burden, and to give his musical soul wings again, Harry discovers Len’s love for flying, and arranges for him to take an old bi-plane into the skies. He is taking his first step into the future in sixty years.