Starring Edward Hardwicke, Dudley Sutton, Georgina Ayers-Hunt and Adam Rayner

The Goodbye Plane is the debut film of Kewhaven Pictures and writer-director/ producer team David Bartlett and Will Poole.  All proceeds from sales of the film go to The Royal Star and Garter Home for disabled veterans, a charity in Richmond, England.  The film was made in England in 2002, in Duxford, Richmond, Ealing and Oaksey.  It was crewed entirely voluntarily, including CGI post-production work by Martin Ashford and Leigh Wimpory at Oasis.  The cast were also unpaid volunteers – including a surprise appearance by best-selling author Jasper Fforde, who loaned the film one its starring aeroplanes!  The film’s extraordinary score was composed by Miguel Mera and performed by The Kensington Sinfonia (London) under the baton of Tim Henty.  Again, the score was produced and completed with no individual receiving payment.  Kewhaven Pictures continues to acknowledge with gratitude the many people and companies who gave their time to make the film possible.