Screenplay by David Bartlett

France 1915.  The Great War is approaching its second Christmas of mud and misery, and the Battle of Loos is raging in Flanders.  Lost in the horrific chlorine gas and blood, RAMC army medic Lewis stumbles away from his lines - shell-shocked and mute - and is taken to an internment camp to await judgment.  Internment camps were neither POW camp, nor proper prison – but an under-nourished limbo world, where foreign nationals, inconvenient criminals and wayward soldiers found themselves for months or years on end.  Without trial.

Amid the squalor, the violence and contagion, Lewis finds another Brit, Henry, who calms and inspires the lost soul to find his voice again and find hope in the darkness.   Lewis grows in confidence, and begins to appreciate the characters of the multi-cultural world he finds himself in.  But the camp is a powder-keg, where often dangerous clashes are amplified.  And ultimately, Lewis’s astonishing fate ends up entirely out of his hands…     

“Welcome to the Ritz. 

No admittance without a tie and a hard-luck story…”